VinExpo 2015

Francois_HollandeFor those who missed the 2015 edition of Vinexpo, here is our recap in 2,000 characters plus a few images from Jeanne Peron, Manager of Benson Marketing Group in France:

For the first time since its creation in 1981, Vinexpo was inaugurated by the French President. Francois Hollande took the opportunity to defend oeno-tourism, while at the same time reminding the audience of the importance of the Evin Law that regulates communication and advertisements for the liquor industry.

DauphinsAs in every year, the 2,350 exhibitors attempted to differentiate themselves in order to attract visitors to their stand. Perhaps the biggest stand out was Rhum Dictador, who hired a bevy of hostesses dressed in black leather to represent their product

The must-have accessory of the 18th Vinexpo was the vintage bag from Les Dauphins (a Benson Marketing Group client), which carried with pride by all the fashionistas in the crowd. Its popularity confirmed the return of retro style previously heralded by Wine Intelligence.

RVF_Chinese_WinesThis year, more master classes were offered to attendees including one on Chinese wines ranked by La Revue du Vin de France (RVF): a unique opportunity to discover 17 wines from China judged to be of high quality. The wines were primarily from the region of Ning Xia – a promising location according to Olivier Poels, deputy editor of the RVF. The whites were Chardonnay and the reds for the most part Cabernet Sauvignon. There was a certain freshness to the wines, accompanied by very drying tannins; it will be interesting to observe how domestic Chinese winemaking evolves in the coming years.

Barton_Guestier_PartyLastly, our client Barton & Guestier celebrated their 290th birthday on the Garonne River along with buyers and journalists from around the world. On this occasion, the company revealed its newest brand, Heritage, created in honor of its founders.

So, is it the end of Vinexpo? Well, the 2015 show was a success, attracting 48,000 visitors, as many as 2013. Next time it reconvenes in 2017, it will be shortened from 5 to 4 days – good news for exhibitors as the sponsorship prices will be reviewed as a result.