Turn your Media Buy into a Media Plan!

CTRs and CTAs Leave an Impression:
A “Media Buy” is a term that describes any sort of purchase of paid media for advertising purposes. Marry this up with a strategy and you have a “Media Plan,” a list of purchased advertising space for your ads. A diverse Media Buy can contain print, online, Social Media, out-of-home (billboards, subway ads etc), partnerships and unique items like sponsorships or “street teams” (which may be handing out product in the subway, for example).

Ten years ago, a “Media Plan” in the wine industry would probably only mean a print ad in a few publications like Food & Wine Magazine or Wine Spectator. Today, opportunities abound; the shift toward online advertising is creating interesting opportunities for small digital buys (like Facebook ads).

But how do you define a successful Media Plan? First, this depends on your goal and your message. If your goal is to get people to know about you, then you want high impressions and don’t really need a high Click-Through Rate (CTR), the amount of times your ad is clicked on. You just want them to see your ad over and over (think billboard on the side of the highway). Conversely, if you have a something you are trying to lead someone to, like an online store or a list of places pouring your wine, you want a high CTR. Much of the success of these ads depends on your Call to Action (CTA), such as “click to read more” or “click to purchase”. While Media Buys, CTRs and CTAs are easily understood on their own, putting them together strategically is what can make a great Media Plan.

Sample Click-Through Rate
Your mileage may vary, but here are some ranges we have experienced in campaigns:

Facebook .03 to .15%
Snooth.com ads .29 to .34%
Tasting Table ads .07 to .35%
Apartment Therapy ads .09 to .10%
Apartment Therapy sponsored email .42 to .81%

Think Outside the 728×90 40k Animated GIF
Oddly, while all this jargon and the thought of contacting 30 publications doesn’t sound like fun, it can be. The key is to push publications into ideas they wouldn’t normally come up with, so that your ad delivers better metrics. Ask them to create a new ad space for you. Ask them to include Social Media posts in their proposal. We asked one online publication to change all their website background colors to our client’s brand colors to match our ad campaign. While they didn’t go for that, they did create a new ad location just for us and we secured a 6-month exclusive on the space for our client.

Example of Media Plan for Chicago.
The last word
Go into a Media Buy with a plan. Know what you want the results to be – high impressions or high CTR. Gear your Call to Action accordingly. Then get creative while approaching publications. Think of your Media Plan as you would a stock portfolio: get some hard working average returns in there, but dedicate a small amount of budget to get creative and try a new publication or a new platform. You may hit a winner that is the perfect formula to drive the results you want.

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