Tumbler and Rocks: Benson’s First RTS Client

Published April 3, 2022

The RTS market is growing significantly faster than other beverage alcohol categories, according to many reports. It’s not surprising – ready-to-serve spirits provide convenience, portability, and increasing quality.

This is where Tumbler & Rocks comes in.

The craft brand is an offshoot of The Fort Distillery based in Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2018, the young company has seen very impressive consumer acceptance and sales growth. It is widely available in Western Canada. Now, the company is taking a thoughtful approach to the U.S. market and seeing steady growth in its initial markets.

And this is where Benson comes in.

We are launching a targeted digital campaign to support Tumbler & Rocks’ wholesale and retail partners, to amplify the effects of trade programming, and to encourage consumers to visit stores featuring Tumbler & Rocks. Trial to purchase to advocacy.

Depending on location, Tumbler & Rocks is available in 100ml, 120ml, and 750ml bottles. Cocktails include classics like the Margarita, Cosmo, Shaft, Old Fashioned, and more. Their motto: shake, pour, enjoy. Cheers!


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