Top 10 Ways to Take Advantage of #CabernetDay and Other Wine Holidays

languedoc-dayInternational Cabernet Day is this Thursday, August 27th, and the following week on Thursday, September 3rd, is National Cabernet Day (confusing, we know).  Although we fully support celebrating with a glass of the good stuff, that’s not the only thing you can do to celebrate. There is a day dedicated to almost every major grape varietal, and these “holidays” can offer easy and effective ways to connect with your fans and to reach new consumers. Here are our top 10 ways to take advantage of national/international wine days:

  1. Conduct a blogger/influencer mailing: Send a bottle of wine to bloggers or social media influencers with a note saying you hope they’ll enjoy it on the day. You may suggest that they hold a tasting party with friends, we’ve had good success with this strategy.
  2. Host an office/block party: Bring people together to taste and share comments about the relevant wine. Mix it up and include your peers’ wines in the lineup, in addition to your own.
  3. Share a special wine: Uncork a special wine, like a single vineyard or library vintage of that day’s varietal, in the tasting room to excite guests.
  4. wine-partyOffer a discount: Consider offering discounts on the featured varietal in the tasting room or online wine store. Spread the word to consumers via social media, emails, the website and the tasting room.
  5. Make it a sales tool: Encourage on-premise accounts to run a by-the-glass promotion or host their own party to celebrate the day. People love a reason to toast!
  6. Tap into existing resources: Several wineries and organizations run robust campaigns around a specific wine day (e.g. Wente leads Chardonnay Day, Duckhorn leads Merlot Day, and Summertime in a Glass sponsors Sauvignon Blanc Day), and they often have post ideas and images that they are glad to shar
  7. Get the word out early: Get involved 1-2 weeks in advance to encourage others to enjoy the wine and engage with you on the day. You can send an email blast, post it on your website, post on Facebook or tweet about it.
  8. Cheers to Pinot Noir DayJoin the conversation: Even if you don’t create original content, make time during the appointed day to get on Twitter and join the conversation. It’s a great way to find people who might be potential customers, brand evangelists and press contacts. To increase the number of people you reach, set aside two or three 30-minute time slots during the day to engage so that you’re connecting with different people throughout the day.
  9. Cue up posts in advance: Plan your social media content in advance so you can spend time actually interacting on the big day. Share anything from a pairing idea to a comment from the winemaker to a fun fact about the variety.
  10. Hashtags are your friends: Be sure to use the official hashtag (e.g. #SauvBlancDay) in all of your social media posts and to encourage others to do the same.