Sitting Down With…SGP Packaging

January 22, 2015 — This week we met with new client SGP Packaging, the US-based division serving North America for world leader Saint-Gobain-Verallia, one of France’s largest companies.

A week before the Unified Symposium, here is what we learned chatting with Jean-Pierre Giovanni, General Manager, and Isabelle Le Graët, Marketing and Account Manager, about the market for glass packaging:

  • 3D Printing is Here: SGP Packaging can create 3D mock-ups of bottles with cartouches and other designs. It is a much better solution for helping their clients understand what a design might look like – because it’s right in front of them – than to ask them to envision it using a more traditional 2D sketch. If you’re ever had an architect or contractor tell you, “just imagine what your house will look like based on this blueprint,” you know what we mean.
  • Interior Embossing: At Unified 2015 (see booth #1203) J-P and Isabelle will demonstrate a novel service that embosses the inside of a glass bottle. A bottle full of red wine does not reveal the embossed design until it is emptied. Think about the variety of designs, names, brands, icons you could potentially have revealed as a bottle is enjoyed in a restaurant! We’ve never seen this before.
  • There’s an app for that. Go to Apples App Store and download the iPad app, “Verallia Virtual Glass US.” Design away!