PR 101: Creating an Effective Public Relations Campaign

Why PR?

PR is an excellent tool for raising awareness about your brand. Here’s why:

• Press offers 3rd party endorsement of your brand
• “Earned media” is more credible than paid media

• PR creates more content than other marketing tools

• Brands with content are easier to find online

Cost Effective
• Lower CPM (“cost per thousand impressions”), often <$5 versus $15+ for advertising

The Basic Approach

Before embarking on a PR campaign, it’s important to make sure you’ve created a Brand Messaging Plan. Your Brand Essence will inform the key messages you want to communicate, and which audiences you want to target. Then your PR team can identify the appropriate media outlets who will be receptive to your messages and can share them with those audiences.


What To Look For in PR Plan

How do you know if a PR plan is a good one? Here’s our checklist:

• Identifies target demographics and segments and defines opportunities and challenges for each one

• Understands what differentiates your brand and proposes novel ways for translating them into story angles

• Logical strategy for creating online content that is searchable & shareable

• Suggested actions flow logically from audiences, messages, content
• Warning: “creative story pitching” looks boring on paper, but it’s what you need

• Identifies specific #s of placements by media category, CPM or ad equivalency goals

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