Why your photos are as important as your press fact sheet

I love a good sunset photo; who doesn’t? Sunsets are beautiful and often transport us back to a relaxing moment. But I am about to tell you why they often don’t work for your wine marketing and PR materials. Can you tell which one of the three photos is our client’s vineyard? Of course you can’t, and therein lies the problem. Simply put, these three photos could have been taken anywhere.

Consider your images as closely as you do your words for your marketing materials and PR fact sheets.

Here are three guiding principles when thinking of photographing your vineyard:

  1. Sense of Place: Your images should show where you are. Every vineyard has a defining feature, so work with your photographer to capture it and anchor your image.
  2. Tell a Story: As cliché as it sounds, what story are you trying to tell about your vineyard? There are a thousand words wrapped up in an image. Is it organically farmed? Is it densely planted? Is it always handpicked and pruned?
  3. Beware of the Green Blob/Mega Vineyard: You’re growing world-class grapes. Let’s make sure we can see they’re grapevines and not another agricultural product. This is best done from the end of the row and not across the row. Additionally, going wide angle or with an aerial view may just make you look big and industrial. Showing one small portion of your vineyard is OK, and often showcases the vineyard best.

In case you were curious, Photo A is the vineyard. Photo B is from my honeymoon in Hawaii, and Photo C is a stunner of Mount Moriah in New Hampshire, which I found by Googling ‘sunset.’ And for the record, I wouldn’t mind reclining in wonderment in front of any of them!

by Sarah Jones, VP Public Relations