Newspaper Circulation Stats That May Surprise You

Which newspaper has a larger print circulation: The San Francisco Chronicle or the San Jose Mercury News? Would it surprise you to know that the Mercury News has nearly 3 times the circulation of the Chronicle? Or that the Mercury News is in the top 5 U.S. newspapers by circulation and the Chronicle doesn’t crack the top 20?

While everyone is busy heralding the fall of the regional newspaper, the circulation statistics below paint quite a different picture. Some of these newspapers reach A LOT of people on a daily basis and should not be forgotten when considering press outreach campaigns.

On the other side of the coin are monthly online viewers. Here we see a different story, with the Chronicle reaching more than 10 million people per month while the San Jose Mercury News barely reaches 1.5 million.

No matter how you slice it, none of these numbers are anything to sneeze at, and are a reminder that even in the digital age regional newspapers still have a role to play.


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