Lance Winters, Dave Smith at St. George Spirits distillery

New Client: St. George Spirits

We are proud to start working with St. George Spirits, America’s original craft distillery — a team recognized for “gleefully shunning the spirits world’s conventions” (Esquire).

In 1982, founder Jörg Rupf began making unaged fruit brandy on a single, 65-gallon Holstein pot still in a wood shed he built by hand—modest beginnings that brought Old World distilling methodologies to the New World and “inspired the American artisan distillation movement.” (NPR)

Though Rupf retired in 2010, St. George Spirits continues to be owner-operated, artfully producing a range of imaginative single malt whiskey, absinthe, and several gins, vodkas, brandies, and liqueurs. Rupf’s reverence for extraordinary raw materials and exacting standards continue to inspire master distiller Lance Winters and head distiller and “President of Vices,” Dave Smith (both pictured), and the rest of a talented, dynamic team. The distillery is located in a former WWII aircraft hangar in Alameda, California.

At Benson, our goal will be to simply, clearly convey the passion, intentionality and skill that goes into these extraordinary spirits. For a 4-minute introduction to St. George Spirits narrated by Lance and Dave, watch this video produced for Whole Foods. (Photo credit: Alex Zyuzikov.)