Montes Wines

Starting in June 2017, Benson’s goal was to improve consumer engagement following the company’s investment in a large but unengaged fan base, as well as to appeal to younger consumers.

Photo credits: Montes Wines

The Overview

Improve Consumer Engagement and Appeal to a Younger Wine Consumer

Client Montes Wines
Services Social Strategy, Digital Marketing

A large fan base is good. An engaged fan base is even better. When Montes Wines expanded its business, company leadership understood the challenge of converting casual fans into loyal customers — and the rewards that come from doing it successfully. They also knew that growing their customer base would hinge on their ability to attract younger consumers. With these goals in mind, they turned to the PR and social media experts at Benson Marketing Group.

Social Strategy

The Benson team developed creative content that infused Montes’ marketing efforts with vibrant content that highlighted the most attractive aspects of Chilean culture: travel art, music, cuisine, holidays, etc. 

We worked with the Montes marketing team to refine the brand’s messaging by focusing on the core pillars of Chilean pride, sustainability, innovation, and leadership. Additionally, we helped the team elevate the brand’s visual appeal by showcasing its distinctive angel icon.


The Results

End of 2017

  • Facebook Engagement: Rose from 2%-4% to 5%-7%
  • Facebook Audience: 77% between 25-44 years, indexing younger than general Facebook audience
  • Instagram Engagement: Rose from 1-2% to 16%-18%
  • Instagram Audience: 50% of Montes’ followers are 34 or younger, indexing younger than general Instagram audience

The Final Experience

Ongoing Strategy and Digital Marketing

The campaign continues through 2023, focusing on raising awareness and encouraging retail sales through digital ads.

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