Low(er) Alcohol ‘Sessionable’ Wines

Published October 18, 2022

As alcohol levels in wine continue to climb, it is refreshing to come across those which are now, effectively, “lower abv.”

By “lower,” we mean less than the 13.5% abv, less than we typically see in the market. Let’s call it, low-ish.

These ‘sessionable’ wines, like the ones we have listed below, allow for greater enjoyment for the duration of an event or meal.

We’ve listed wines in our client portfolio for your consideration, from least to most in ABV. If you’re interested in samples, please send along your shipping address to Lauren Liebler (liebler@bensonmarketing.com).

Bread & Butter Prosecco ($16) – Made in a small town, Fossalta di Piave, near Venice at a 90-year-old family-owned winery using best practices for producing good, honest and delicious Prosecco. The wine has citrus and floral aromas and notes of ripe apple, pear and white peach. The taste is balanced and refreshing which won’t overwhelm your palate. 11% abv.

Maddalena Riesling ($15) – This Riesling is made from 100% sustainable vineyards and comes only from Monterey County. The alcoholic fermentation is stopped before the yeast has converted all the natural grape sugar into alcohol. In doing so, this arrested fermentation allows the natural sweetness of the wine to be maintained. There are aromas of apricot, honey, and wildflowers. The rich mouth greets the palate with fresh fruit flavors of pear and green apple. 11.5 % abv.

Vanderbilt Reserve Viognier ($35) – The newly released wine from Biltmore Winery was crafted from grapes sourced from Virginia. With characteristics of pineapple, vanilla and ripe pear, it’s a refreshing sip great with citrus-based dishes. 12.5% abv.

KRIS Wines Pinot Grigio ($11.99) — When 9 of 10 bottles you make are Pinot Grigio, it better be good. Their crisp, fresh Pinot Grigio packs a lot of flavor into an affordable, available white wine weighing in at only 12.5% abv. The family-run winery – winemakers for 7 generations—source fruit from a handful of growers in the northern Italian regions of Alto Adige, Veneto, and Friuli who have been connected to the family for decades.

Teliani Saperavi ($15) – A red wine at 13% abv, it’s a great introduction to the Saperavi (pronounced saw-pear-ah-vee) varietal with vibrant acidity and firm tannin. Another great options is the Teliani Tsolikouri ($15) pronounced (tso-lee-ko-oo-ree) which is a vibrant wine with balanced acidity and a light body with aromas of yellow lemon and grapefruit. 12% abv.

Balletto Rosé of Pinot Noir ($25) – This wine is crafted from estate-grown Pinot Noir on 100% sustainable vineyards in the Russian River Valley. It’s delicate and acidic, making for a refreshing daytime sipper. 13.4% abv. Another great option is the Teresa’s Unoaked Chardonnay ($25) as it’s crisp and vibrant without heavy oak influence. 13.2% abv.


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