Is Google+ something you should add?

Google+ launched in June 2011 and currently has over 170 million active users. The Google+ Brand Page is Google’s social networking platform. It is similar to Facebook — individuals and businesses maintain profiles and share information and updates with friends.

But Google+ is not right for every brand. Should your brand be on Google+?


  • Integration with other Google platforms: Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Zagat to help create a unified brand message and link the information on these platforms
  • Better Google search results for your brand because “social search” provides relevant results for individuals signed into their Google accounts as well as optimized results based on keyword usage in page posts
  • Opportunity to target posts to people in “Circles,” which are categories created to organize connections and can selectively share information with specific circles
  • “Events” for people to interact with each other before, during and/or after physical or online events (includes invitations, RSVPs and photo sharing)

Google Plus

  • People appear to be less active
  • Not as large an audience as other social platforms
  • It is another social network that needs to be monitored and updated


  • Better search results when people use Google to search for your brand, topics relevant to your brand or keywords that you have used in your posts
  • If you have a physical location, you can control the information provided on the Google+ page for your location (“Local”) and map results
  • You are active on YouTube and want to better use the available options to interact with fans


  • Launch with a similar strategy to Facebook but keep checking and readjusting as needed
  • Don’t expect the same results as on other platforms right from the start
  • Have fun and test different approaches on how to interact with fans!

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