Integrating Earned and Paid Activations

See how Benson used a 360-degree communications campaign approach to raise brand awareness.

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The Goal

Increase Brand Awareness and Support Sales Efforts

Client Smith & Hook, Hahn Family Wines
Services PR, Social Media, Paid Media

Maximize impressions to raise brand awareness and to support sales efforts to increase PODs, and demand pull in Q421. 


Promote the client’s two key brands during ultra-competitive holiday season using comprehensive PESO model: paid media, earned media, shared media (social posts), and owned media (website, social platforms). Theme: “Thanksgiving in 90 Minutes” featuring chef/influencer Ashton Keefe.


A well-integrated content campaign supports client's fast-growing Smith & Hook wine brand ($25+ Paso Robles Cabernet, etc.) and SLH wines. The brands have the distribution, price points to convert awareness and buzz to distribution and sales.



  • BensonLive Presents Media Webinar: For wine, epicurean writers, editors, and freelancers.
  • TV Appearances: Early in the campaign, client-only wine featured on  FOX NEWS*, national pasta day. Viewers: 1+ million.
  • Organic Social Media Posts: Amplify content (coverage, tips, etc.) to brand’s followers.
  • Social Media Advertising: Amplify content to brand’s core markets, lookalike audiences, etc. to broaden reach, frequency, followers.
  • PR Pitches: Pitch earned coverage of tips and suggestions co-developed by Benson and our chef spokesperson.

* FOX & Friends Sunday Broadcast. 10/17/21.

The Final Experience

The Results

As we write this case study, the program is still in process. But brands benefit by this use of a singular theme, and then building a 360-degree communications campaign using a variety of different channels.

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