For Holiday Meals: Reach For These Versatile White Wines

These selections of ‘other whites’ pair perfectly with the meals you’ll be cooking up and eating throughout the holiday season, so break them out when hosting or heading to a party. As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like samples!


Vin de Savoie – 2018 Domaine Gonnet Chignin (Jacquère)
The mountainous area of Savoie in eastern France is known for its crisp, mineral driven white wines. Spark up conversations this holiday season by presenting a bottle of this wine.





Chronic Sparkling Wine Cans (SRP: $6/375ml can)
This can of sparkling wine is delightful, not only is it tasty but it’s perfect to bring to any Friendsgiving gathering.




NV Da Luca Prosecco (SRP: $14)
Elegant, chic bottle for when you want to look fancy but not break the bank.






2018 JUSTIN Sauvignon Blanc (SRP: $15)
This wine is crisp and aromatic, with lots of citrus and grassy flavors which makes it food-friendly for a variety of dishes, including seafood and chicken.






2018 Balletto Pinot Gris (SRP: $20)
With its zesty and refreshing acidity, Pinot Gris pairs really well with spicy dishes and also side plates like fresh vegetables.





2018 Freemark Abbey Sauvignon Blanc (SRP: $25)
From one of Napa Valley’s favorite wineries, this Sauvignon Blanc will stir up some conversations at the dinner table. Crisp and refreshing.