Case Study

Connecting with Younger Wine Consumers

Client: Montes Wines

Starting in June 2017 Benson’s goal was to improve consumer engagement following company’s investment in a large but unengaged fan base, as well as to appeal to younger consumers. ​

​Social Strategy​

  • Developed more creative content including Benson’s studio photography, moving images, and content connecting Montes brand with attractive aspects of Chilean culture: travel, art, music, cuisine, holidays, etc. ​
  • Refined messaging to focus on pillars: Chile, sustainability, innovation, leadership, and the brand’s angel icon​.

Results: End of 2017​

  • Facebook engagement: rose from 2%-4% to 5%-7%​
  • Facebook audience: 77% between 25-44 years, indexing younger than general Facebook audience​
  • Instagram engagement: rose from 1-2% to 16%-18% ​
  • Instagram Audience: 50% of Montes’ followers are 34 or younger, indexing younger than general Instagram audience ​

The campaign continues through 2020, focusing on raising awareness and encouraging retail sales.​