Case Study

Campari America



Leveraging Social Media to support the trade

Client:  Campari Group


Build advocacy and buzz with U.S. mixologists, influencers, gatekeepers.​


Since 2008, Benson has run Campari America’s company-level US PR and has added social media responsibilities to that role. In many cases we create social media programs that amplify the company’s supportive culture and mission. In this case, our strategy included:​

  • Animate Campari Group’s tagline, “Making Spirited Connections​”
  • Created content with influencer (Gastronomista) including stories and photos of prominent bartenders​
  • Provide a platform for bartenders to discuss issues they care about–parenting, staying fit, etc.–and demonstrated Campari America’s support for the bartender community. ​


Campari America has one of the most engaged trade communities of any spirits company:

  • Rapid follower growth: Instagram (60k+), Twitter (11k+)​
  • #Hashtag programs helped promote careers of mixologists​
  • The agency’s overall social + digital campaign continues through 2020