Case Study


“Campari America is home to a number of brands, including Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whisky and Wild Turkey. The company has created a “Women & Whiskies,” campaign, a group and event series intended to give women a forum to enjoy and learn more about whiskies and cocktails.” Associated Press, June 2012



A Press-Worthy Marketing Campaign

Client: Campari Group


  • Capitalize on interest in the whiskey category by women.
  • Engage new audience; drive sales.
  • Position Campari America as leader of trend.


  • In 2012, Benson established a theme, “Women & Whiskies,” and program of educational events and social media to communicate with female consumers.
  • The successful campaign is now managed in-house by the client.

Examples of PR Results

  • The Daily Meal, “Women and Whiskies: Why Brown (Liquor) Is the New Black”.
  • Associated Press, “Liquor companies woo women customers to push sales”.
  • “Mad Men Effect: Women get a taste for whiskey”.
  • Michigan Ave Magazine called event “a Hot Ticket”.