Our homepage underscores an important point: our clients, and their stories, come first. But we thought it time to pull back the curtain and share what we do in our off hours.

Ben Palos: Ben has a life-long passion for the sport of ice hockey (ironic, considering he grew up in Texas). Shortly after he started playing the sport, he dove into an aspect of the game many fans overlook—officiating. He’s refereed ice hockey games since 2001, working games at every level, from kids who just learned to skate to fast-paced college club teams. You can take it from Ben; being “blind” actually does help wine sensory evaluation!

Thea Schlendorf: Outside of the office Thea enjoys moving around as much as possible, whether through Crossfit or travel opportunities. She recently had the good fortune to combine both in the form of a cross country drive during which she worked on her jump roping skills.

Jeremy Benson: Jeremy likes to ski and spend time with his wife and daughter in Yosemite during the winter. During the other seasons, he plays in the NorCal USTA tennis league. In fact, he wants to be reincarnated as Roger Federer (including his brand ambassadorship for Moet & Chandon).

Sarah Jones: Sarah enjoys gardening at her home in Napa and is particularly happy about her decision to plant a fig tree (Turkey Brown variety), which regularly produces beautiful fruit from August through October. Buster, her dog, loves it too.

Elizabeth Caravati: When she’s not writing about, thinking about, and drinking wine, Elizabeth loves to cook. Her tattered copies of The Joy of Cooking and The Frog Commissary are evidence of her favorite recipes, but she is also always looking for new recipes to try. Last year, Elizabeth cooked her way “around the world,” drawing a world cuisine out of a hat each weekend and cooking a few dishes from that county. Polish pierogis, Southern fried chicken, Senegalese fish stew, it’s all delicious!

Jeanne Peron: Outside of wine, Jeanne loves food. When she travels outside of her hometown of Lyon, France, the first things she looks for are the food specialties of the region, the best places to eat, and what kind of food souvenir she’ll bring home. Like wine, food is a source of infinite discoveries and that’s what she loves!

Mathilde Chevalier: Mathilde doesn’t have just one passion, she has many! She’s curious about the world and loves to travel. She’s visited European gems like London, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Barcelona, and hopes to travel the rest of the world in time. When she’s not on the road, Mathilde spends time with her close group of childhood friends and as a self-professed soccer addict, roots for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Susan Benson: Eating well, and drinking well, are common themes in an agency devoted to promoting an epicurean lifestyle. For Susan, that means gardening. With five raised beds — and abundant Napa sunshine — she grows nearly all of the herbs (basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley) and vegies (tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini) that make their way onto the dinner table between May and October. That is, “unless the deer eat them first,” she adds.