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2023 is Here

After the Last 3 Crazy Years, Some Heavy Duty Planning is in Order

Here’s a resource for creating a successful PR, social media, or digital campaign for your wine or spirits brand. Plus: marketing through a recession, client accolades, and more!

Simplifying the Complexity of Wine Sourcing

Simplifying the Complexity of Wine Sourcing

Many wine consumers have a romantic notion that any given bottle of wine comes from a winery with vines growing on-site and all operations happening in one place. While there are plenty of estate-produced wines, that isn’t always the case. In fact, a good majority of wines are sourced from other growers. Sourcing is a way for wineries to meet customer demand.

Georgia’s Leading Winery Taps Benson

Teliani Expands U.S. Reach with Digital, PR, Messaging
Georgia’s leading winery, Teliani Valley, has tapped Benson Marketing Group to support a rapid expansion of imports from Georgia with an integrated wine marketing campaign to support the whole category and its leading brand.