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5 Tips on Photographing A Wine Event

Sometimes you may not have enough time to hire a photographer while other times it just doesn’t work in your budget. Assuming you have a decent camera and not just a camera phone, here are a few tips to prepare you to photograph your event. Step 1: Plan accordingly Research, research, research! It is always […]

Instagram vs. Vine: Where to Share Video During Harvest?

Details What’s the best way to give your fans a behind the scenes look at harvest? Video! With harvest upon us, wineries across the country will document. This year we have a few platforms to choose from when posting videos: Facebook-owned Instagram or Twitter’s Vine. But where is the best place to share your awesome […]

Developing Your Stable of Press Contacts

Details It may seem obvious, but when it comes to your press strategy, there is absolutely no substitute for a ‘Rolodex’ of contacts. While the physical Rolodex might not exist anymore, the idea of nurturing a stable of key contacts is very much alive and essential for a successful press strategy. Just how you do […]

Are Trade Tastings Dead?

Details Everyone wants to sell more product or break into a new market, and doing events specifically for the trade can be very beneficial to achieving this goal. But like press tastings, their structure and design should be considered carefully to have maximum effect. The audiences are different, so the events should be too. Ask […]

Making Events Work for You

Details Every year it seems that we are approached by more and more wine events asking our clients to buy sponsorships at consumer events but, at the same time, we and our clients become more and more skeptical. In most cases, the events offer a “sampling opportunity” but unless there is a larger strategy to […]

Wi-Fi in Winery Tasting Rooms

How does offering public Wi-Fi in your tasting room affect your online engagement? Our curiosity led us to drive up and down Napa Valley’s Highway 29 testing public Wi-Fi connection at 20 of the major wineries. What we found was only four out of the 20 wineries surveyed offered free public Wi-Fi (No passwords required). […]

Is your website share-able?

Optimizing your website for social media can help people find your social media sites and sign up for your updates by following or fanning you there. This can also help generate more interest in your content and traffic to your site, social media platforms and online store through social media posts and updates. Here are […]

Is Google+ something you should add?

Google+ launched in June 2011 and currently has over 170 million active users. The Google+ Brand Page is Google’s social networking platform. It is similar to Facebook — individuals and businesses maintain profiles and share information and updates with friends. But Google+ is not right for every brand. Should your brand be on Google+? STRENGTHS: […]

Press Dinner, Lunches and Tastings – Yay or Nay?

DETAILS: “Should I go to New York and host a dinner for press?” is a question we get all the time. The answer is, predictably, it depends. There is no one-size fits all solution. The type of event will depend on your story, wine and company. Ask yourself a few questions. Do I have news […]