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5 Fun Facts about Wine Direct Shipping

Wine Direct Shipping, from A to Z

Benson was hired by the wine industry to manage Free the Grapes!, a marketing campaign seeking to open states to legal DTC shipments and to streamline onerous regulations. Featured as a case study, the campaign has been a critical component – with lobbying and litigation – in creating the $3+ billion winery DTC sales channel.

Black Lives Matter

Like many of you, I am appalled by what we’ve seen lately. Systematic police brutality against Black Americans. The militarization of our police forces. Institutionalized racism and injustice against people of color that COVID has exposed in healthcare, education, etc. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. (I have vivid memories of the scary, painful days following […]

Wine Marketing: Napa Valley Style

Onsite wine marketing in Napa Valley, and elsewhere, increasingly centers on creating an experience that connects guests emotionally with the winery and its wines, and the winery’s unique “sparkle” that makes it compelling. 

Monty, Mooshagian, Garren Join Benson

New Teammates Join Benson

To manage digital and PR projects in both Benson’s Napa and New York offices, the agency has hired three new professionals: Erin Mooshagian, Cristen Monty and Amanda Garren.

Old Elk Distillery Taps Benson

Old Elk Distillery Taps Benson

Founded in Fort Collins, Colorado, Old Elk Distillery has retained Benson for branding and PR work on its Old Elk Bourbon, Dry Town Gin, and Nooku Bourbon Cream brands.

Introducing: 118 + 1st Raw Vegan Gin

Introducing: 118 + 1st Raw Vegan Gin

Benson is very pleased to begin work with O.R.E. 118 Raw Vegan Gin, the first spirit of its kind in the U.S. and the only spirit to be allowed a Raw Vegan claim on its Certificate of Label Approval.