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Who influences sales? In short, advocates.

Like most companies, your advocates are a combination of retail and restaurant buyers, mixologists, influencers, podcasters, bloggers, writers, reviewers, editors, freelancers, and more. How do you reach them? Using Advocacy Marketing.

While the agency’s three other marketing services focus on functions – branding, digital marketing, PR – our fourth service focuses on your advocates. Our integrated marketing campaigns are designed to inform, educate and entertain these groups with the intent of creating authentic, enthusiastic supporters for your brand.

How Does Marketing Create Brand Advocates?

We view marketing through the calculus of branding: message x reach x frequency = brand awareness. You can build advocacy if your message and creative are relevant and compelling for your audience, and if they see it enough times to drive interest, consideration, and buy-in. Advocates are fully bought in.

We Use a Wide Variety of Tactics For Wine and Spirits Brands:

  • Media Partnerships: Paid advertorial or editorial reaching a specific audience can be ideal for launching a new brand or expanding awareness in the short-term.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Reach new, prospective customers using influencers with well-vetted audiences. Read our multi-part series on how to identify and manage influencers.
  • 360-degree Campaigns: We create a central theme or slogan – the “hub” – and then build out and coordinate the “spokes” of actions: earned media coverage, digital ads, social media posts, virtual and live events that reach potential advocates at multiple times of the day and on multiple platforms.
  • Events: From private sommelier tastings to media tours and press trips, we strengthen your relationships with gatekeepers, influencers, press, and buyers. 

Who Is Advocacy Marketing Right For?

Advocacy Marketing services may be a good solution if your business goals meet any of these criteria:

  • Reaching a new consumer demographic target, such as Gen Z or Millennials, or specific target metro areas
  • Building brand awareness with consumers who don’t read traditional wine media
  • Generating stronger relationships with buyers, press and other gatekeepers
  • Launching a new campaign that requires coordination of sales and marketing actions

Better Results For The Same Budget

When integrated into cohesive campaigns, these actions are self-reinforcing — results from one action bolster results from the others. Voila! Your campaign is both more effective, and more cost efficient. That’s the power of integrated marketing at Benson Marketing Group.

Client Testimonials

We let our customer experiences speak for themselves.

The team has been the rare find of creativeness, design, business acumen, and dedication, which is almost impossible to find in one team. I’ve been blown away by their ability to listen, understand, and lead on every task I’ve asked of them. I have no desire to talk to or work with any creative team other than theirs.

Eric TurnerCMO, In Good Taste

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