2023 is Here

Published October 28, 2022

Hot Off The (Basket) Press

Our clients seem to be collecting accolades like squirrels collect acorns.

Congratulations to the viticulture, winemaking, sales, and exec teams who have contributed to their success! We’re proud to work with such successful partners and their brands.

A few examples:

We’ll Drink to That

Watch for these clients and brands to make big strides in 2023:

Are Grit and Resiliency the Watch Words for 2023?

What can wine and spirits brand marketers learn from past downturns to prepare for potentially slower growth in 2023?

Our blog post from back in June 2022 tackles this topic, drawing on our experiences in the dot-com crash, Great Recession, COVID, etc., as well as key insights from industry leaders. The findings may surprise you.

Need Help with 2023 Plans?

We’ve updated our deck, “Marketing Communications Guidelines,” which provides recommendations on what PR and digital marketing functions are best in-sourced, outsourced or combined. And how much it all costs. Twenty-two years of advice in less than 20 slides. Just email us for a free copy.

Additional Sources/Resources:


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What are virtual events?

Virtual events range from virtual happy hours and small social gatherings (e.g., virtual trivia and game nights) to webinars, livestreams, trade shows, and even conferences. When deciding on what type of virtual event you want to run, start with the desired goal of the event.

Create a plan for your virtual event

Once you know what type of virtual event you need, it’s time to create a plan. The more detailed your plan is, the more successful your event will be. Make sure that your registration form ties in directly with your email marketing platform, such as Mailchimp, as well as with tools like Slack and Zapier. This integration will allow you to sync your registration process with all of the other software you’re using to organize and run your event.

Choose the right software for your virtual event

The software you use for your virtual event will largely depend on the type of virtual event you’re running. If it’s a webinar or a conference, tools like Crowdcast, Demio, RingCentral, GoToWebinar, and Zoom are all solid options. For a livestream, you might want to consider a tool like Twitch, YouTube Live, or Facebook Live.If you’re planning a virtual summit or an interactive trade show, check out software like HeySummit, Remo, Hopin, Run The World, and Airmeet.


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Kimberly JohnsonVP of Marketing

Promote your virtual event

Just because you come up with a brilliant idea and create a registration page doesn’t mean people will automatically sign up. You need to promote your virtual event. With virtual events, trouble with Wi-Fi connections is one of the biggest potential glitches. One way to reduce the risk of having issues is to do a practice run of your virtual event beforehand with your entire team and all of your presenters.

Send a follow-up survey after the event

I like to use an expanded Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey for both in-person and virtual events. However, the type of survey and format don’t matter. The most important thing is that you have a way to collect feedback after the event. Surveys allow you to understand what people liked about the event, identify any improvements you could make in the future, and collect testimonials you can use in future promotions.

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