Case Study


An Adventurous Trade and Consumer Promotion

Client: AOP Wines of Languedoc (CIVL)

Goal: Increase distribution, sales of this emerging AOP tier of wines from Sud de France.


  • Benson was hired in late 2008 by the CIVL to complete a re-branding and initiate a more aggressive press campaign.
  • In 2012, Benson expanded the program with trade and social media initiatives, including “L’Aventure Languedoc,” a comprehensive, month-long consumer promotion incorporating digital media, social media, advertising, blogger and press tastings, and in-store tastings and restaurant promotions. The program continues into 2017.
  • Benson sells the campaign directly to on/off premise buyers, who create their own “adventure” using in-store tastings, wine dinners, BTG flights, etc. In return, ad campaign drives consumers to participating accounts. Everyone wins.

Average Results per Year (2012-16)

  • 2-3 cities, 95 accounts, 150+ retail tastings, 100 staff training seminars.
  • 150-250 new wines added to lists each year.
  • 16-22 AOCs from Languedoc represented.
  • #LanguedocDay national Twitter tasting launches program. PR: 15-17m impressions.

US Campaign Sales Results, 2009-16:

  • After years of flat sales in the U.S., exports have risen 280% by volume and 403% by value during Benson’s campaign.