Case Study




Moving a Brand Upmarket

Client: Hahn Family Wines, California

Goal: Transition Hahn Family Winery’s reputation from a mid-sized producer in the $12-$15 price range to a luxury Pinot Noir specialist at $30+.


Messaging Focus: Align brand with the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA. Extend messaging through sales, DTC, digital marketing, as well as PR.

Education: We created a “masterclass” seminar on the entire SLH for use by the winemaker and CEO.

Press Trips: Coordinated media trips to include SLH neighbors in order to encourage feature coverage.

Media blitz: Periodic press trips and interviews in both trade and consumer lifestyle media.

Examples of Results:

  • Business and lifestyle coverage ranging from the Wall Street Journal to to The Manual.
  • Wine coverage including the January 2016 cover of Wine Spectator.